Council Meetings

Council meetings are formal meetings in which Council conducts the official business of the City of Duncan.  Council meetings are held at City Hall, 200 Craig Street on the third Monday of each month and begin at 7:00 pm.  If Monday is a holiday, meetings are held on the Tuesday.

Please note: The electronic versions of the City of Duncan minutes are provided for information purposes only and are not the official versions.  The City will not be responsible for their accuracy or completeness and they should not be used in place of certified copies.  For certified copies of the minutes, please contact the Corporate Services Department at 250-746-6126 or send an email to

Council Minutes are considered “Draft” until formally adopted by Council.

Council Meeting Agendas
Council Meeting Minutes


City Council2016/09/19AgendaVideo
City Council2016/08/15AgendaVideo
City Council2016/07/18AgendaVideo
City Council2016/06/20AgendaVideo
Junior Council2016/05/27AgendaVideo
City Council2016/05/16AgendaVideo
Special Council Meeting 2016/05/02AgendaVideo
City Council2016/04/18AgendaVideo
City Council 2016/03/21AgendaVideo
City Council2016/02/15AgendaVideo
City Council2016/01/18AgendaVideo
Special Council Meeting2016/01/04AgendaVideo
Public Hearing - Medical Marijuana 2016/01/04AgendaVideo
City Council2015/12/21AgendaVideo
Annual Meeting2015/12/07AgendaVideo
City Council2015/11/16AgendaVideo
City Council2015/10/20AgendaVideo
Public Hearing - Land Use Contract Discharge for 361 Festubert (Auto-Generated Trim Backup)2015/09/14AgendaVideo
City Council2015/09/14AgendaVideo
Public Hearing - OCP Amendment - University Village Plan2015/08/17AgendaVideo
City Council2015/08/17AgendaVideo
City Council2015/07/20AgendaVideo
Junior Council Meeting2015/07/13AgendaVideo
Public Hearing - Firehouse Wine Bar Outdoor Seating2015/06/15AgendaVideo
City Council2015/06/15AgendaVideo
Special Council 2015/05/25AgendaVideo
City Council2015/05/19AgendaVideo
Special Council Meeting - 2014 Financial Statements2015/05/04AgendaVideo
City Council2015/04/20AgendaVideo
City Council2015/03/16AgendaVideo
City Council2015/02/16AgendaVideo
City Council2015/01/19AgendaVideo
City Council2014/12/22AgendaVideo
Inaugural Meeting2014/12/01AgendaVideo
City Council2014/11/24AgendaVideo
Public Hearing2014/10/20AgendaVideo
City Council2014/10/20AgendaVideo
Special Council Meeting2014/09/29AgendaVideo
City Council 2014/09/15AgendaVideo
Special Council Meeting - Remedial Action Reconsideration Hearing2014/09/02AgendaVideo
Public Hearing2014/08/18AgendaVideo
City Council2014/08/18AgendaVideo
Special Committee of the Whole2014/07/24AgendaVideo
City Council2014/07/21AgendaVideo
City Council2014/06/16AgendaVideo
Junior Council2014/05/26AgendaVideo
Public Hearing2014/05/20AgendaVideo
City Council2014/05/20AgendaVideo
Special Council Meeting2014/05/05AgendaVideo
City Council2014/04/22AgendaVideo
City Council2014/03/17AgendaVideo
Public Hearing2014/02/17AgendaVideo
City Council2014/02/17AgendaVideo
City Council2014/01/20AgendaVideo
Public Hearing2013/12/16AgendaVideo
City Council2013/12/16AgendaVideo
Special Annual Council Meeting2013/12/02AgendaVideo
Public Hearing2013/11/18AgendaVideo
City Council2013/11/18AgendaVideo
City Council2013/10/21AgendaVideo
City Council2013/09/23AgendaVideo
City Council2013/08/19AgendaVideo
City Council2013/07/15AgendaVideo
City Council2013/06/17AgendaVideo
City Council2013/05/22AgendaVideo
Junior Council2013/05/08AgendaVideo
City Council2013/04/15AgendaVideo
City Council2013/03/18AgendaVideo