Council Committees

The City of Duncan establishes Committees and other advisory bodies from time to time to inquire into matters and to report its findings and recommendations to Council.

Committees typically meet every second month (February, April, June, September, and November) excluding August and December and are held at City Hall, 200 Craig Street, in the Committee Room.  Additional meetings may also be held at the call of the Chair. For more information on any of the committees, contact

Advisory Committee on Disability Issues

The Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI) exists to advise Council on issues affecting people living with disabilities, as established by the ACDI Terms of Reference.  Committee members bring a wide range of nonpartisan views and experience with disability issues to ensure that Council hears the widest possible perspective.

The ACDI meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis at the call of the Chair.


Organization Name
City Council Councillor Sharon Jackson (Chair)
City Council Councillor Michelle Bell
District of North Cowichan Councillor Tom Walker
Clements Centre Society Dominic Rockall
Cowichan Independent Living Ray Hedstrom
Literacy Now – Cowichan Kathleen Erickson
Valley Seniors Organization Cathy Wilson
Vancouver Island Providence Community Association Chris Holt
Member At-Large Leigh Pedley

Advisory Design Panel

The Advisory Design Panel (ADP) exists to give impartial professional recommendations to Council and staff on matters relating to the design context of development proposals or policies that affect Duncan’s physical environment, as established by the ADP Terms of Reference.  The ADP reviews and advises Council on the conformance of major development permit applications (commercial development over 200 square meters, or residential development with 5 or more units) and other matters referred to it by Council or staff.

The ADP meets at 2:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month, as required.


Organization Name
Canadian Institute of Planners Sharon Horsburgh, MA, MCIP RPP (Chair)
Architect Joyce Troost, BARCH, MARCH, Architect AIBC
Architect Ron Hart, M.arch, Architect AIBC
Landscape Architect Cam Campbell, BCSLA, CSLA, P. Ag.
Sustainable Building Designer David Coulson
City Council Councillor Michelle Staples (Non-Voting)

Environment & Sustainability Committee

The Environment & Sustainability Committee exists to provide Council with advice and recommendations on environmental issues, and shall generally, investigate, promote, advise, recommend, and assist in the implementation of measures that will improve the quality of life, the livability, and the working environment for the residents, visitors and businesses through the integration of the principles of sustainability and sound environmental practice to all municipal functions and operations, as established by the Environment & Sustainability Committee Terms of Reference.  Environmental issues include, but are not limited to, the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, solids waste (including garbage, recycling, and composting), water conservation stewardship, water quality, air quality, open spaces, trees, energy conservation, and climate change.

The Environment & Sustainability Committee meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis at the call of the Chair.


Organization Name
City Council Councillor Sharon Jackson (Chair)
City Council Councillor Tom Duncan
CUPE – City Outside Staff Kevin Massingham
Member At-Large Bob Brooke
Member At-Large Darryl Tunnicliffe, P. Eng
Youth At-Large Emma Kononowicz

Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee exists to provide Council with advice and recommendations on tourism issues directly affecting the Duncan area, to strengthen the overall ‘visitor experience’ through marketing and product development, and provide recommendations to Council for the implementation of the Duncan Tourism Action Plan, as established by the Tourism Committee Terms of Reference.

The Tourism Committee meets at 9:30 a.m. on the third Thursday of February, April, June, September and November.


Organization Name
City Council Councillor Tom Duncan (Chair)
City Council Councillor John Horgan
City Council Councillor Sharon Jackson
District of North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure
Chamber of Commerce Ruth Hartmann
Restaurant Association Lance Steward
Tourism Cowichan Karen Elgersma
Duncan Downtown Business Improvement Area Catherine Macey
Tourism Operator/Business Judy Hill

Totem Sub-Committee

The Totem Sub-Committee, reporting to the Tourism Committee, exists to preserve and to continue to build the world’s largest public outdoor collection of Totem Poles, and advise on matters pertaining to the Totem Collection and Maquettes, maintenance, placement, additions and deletions to the Collection, and protection of Copyright, as established by the Totem Sub-Committee Terms of Reference.

The Totem Sub-Committee meets at 9:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of February, June and October.


Organization Name
Tourism Committee Representative Judy Hill (Chair)
Tourism Committee Representative/City Council Councillor John Horgan
Tourism Committee Representative/City Council Councillor Sharon Jackson
City Council Councillor Michelle Staples
Cowichan Tribes Councillor Stuart Pagaduan
Cowichan Historical Society Kathryn Gagnon
 Member At-Large Dave Clark
 Member At-Large Mona Kaiser
Member At-Large Ben Buss