City Launches City Satisfaction Survey

The City of Duncan will launch its Citizen Satisfaction Survey on May 26th to gauge resident satisfaction and outline citizen priorities as recommended in the City’s adopted corporate communications plan.

Between May 26 and June 6, 2014, Discovery Research, on behalf of the City of Duncan, will conduct a telephone survey of 400 random households to determine satisfaction with civic services, identify spending priorities, and better understand citizens’ needs and priorities. The survey categories cover areas such a citizens’ perceptions on quality of life, satisfaction with various City services, preferred communications channels and what they would advise the City do when facing budget demands.

The survey will also cover a topical issue category to seek the community’s initial thoughts on possible amalgamation and/or re‐alignment of the City’s boundaries generally. Results from this category will assist Council in determining what non‐binding question or questions will be placed on the November ballot.

“The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is an important voice for citizens and will provide Council with a benchmark on how satisfied residents’ are with municipal services and how we can improve,” said Mayor Phil Kent. “We are interested in getting a true reflection of the opinions of City of Duncan residents and look forward to analyzing the data which will be used to help guide budget deliberations and set priorities for our citizens.”

Residents who are not contacted by phone are invited to take part in the process be completing the on‐line version of the survey. Citizens will have until June 6th to complete the survey and the Citizen Survey findings will be presented to Council at the July 7, 2014 Committee of the Whole.


For further information contact:

Mayor Phil Kent
(250) 709‐0186