Quality of Life in City of Duncan Given High Ratings

The majority of residents rate the quality of life in the City of Duncan as excellent, according to the 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey findings presented to Council.

The City of Duncan initiated a survey to establish a baseline of citizen satisfaction with City service levels which will assist Council and staff to measure success over time. The survey categories covered areas such as citizens’ perceptions on quality of life, satisfaction with various City services, preferred communications channels and what they would advise the City do when facing budget demands.

The survey also covered topical questions seeking the community’s initial thoughts on studying the amalgamation and/or re‐alignment of the City’s boundaries. Results from these questions will assist Council in determining what non‐binding question or questions might be placed on the November ballot.

The survey featured several indicators including:

  • The average rating given by City of Duncan residents for the overall quality of life was 7.9 on a 10‐point scale with 1 equal to poor and 10 equal to excellent.
  • The single most important issue facing the City of Duncan is too much traffic and the most important environmental concern facing Duncan is Air Quality attributing this to too many cars.
  • The favorite thing about living in Duncan was cited as the size of the community.
  • City playgrounds, sport fields, water supply, sewage treatment, public transit, land use planning and bicycle paths received high ratings. Availability of public washrooms, economic development, and road and transportation services rated as areas where improvement is needed.
  • 35% prefer the City maintain or increase existing services by increasing user fees and 22% would maintain or increase services by increasing tax rates. 21% were in favour of reducing services in order to maintain the current tax rate.
  • Respondents were also asked whether they were in favour of studying the options, costs, and benefits for the amalgamation of the municipalities of North Cowichan and Duncan, or realignment of the boundaries: 67% responded yes to studying amalgamation, 57% responded yes to studying realignment of the boundaries.
  • When asked if the City were to proceed with researching options, respondents were asked who the consultants should work with; 59% were in favour of a randomly selected Citizen Assembly; 23% were in favour of a committee consisting of politicians and staff; 18% were not sure.

“This research is one way we listen to residents” says Mayor Kent. “This tool will prove invaluable at helping Council and staff to understand not only where we are doing well but where we need to improve. It will also assist Council in shaping the budget to the priorities of our citizens. Council was
encouraged by the feedback from those who participated in both the telephone and on‐line surveys and we look forward to conducting this survey again to measure our future success.”

Given Duncan’s population, a sample of 400 residents, generates findings accurate within + 4.9%, at the 95% confidence interval (19 times out of 20). The full report on the survey findings is available on the City’s website.


For further information contact:

Mayor Phil Kent
(250) 709‐0186