Removal of Canada Avenue Hedge and Landscaping Improvements

Beginning August 28, 2014 and progressing into the coming weeks, Island Irrigation and Landscaping, on behalf of the City of Duncan, will be working to remove the existing cedar hedge along Canada Avenue and installing trees and landscaping. This hedge is located on the East side of Canada Avenue between First Street and Beverly Street.

Work being performed from the road side of the curb is expected to last up to two days and certified traffic control personnel and signage will be present during this time. The remainder of the work should be able to be performed from the trail side (east side) of the curb. Pedestrians wishing to use the Friendship Trail will be given safe routing around the construction.

The Canada Avenue landscaping plan will provide Canada Avenue with a stronger identity and improved esthetics. Red Oak trees will be planted south of James Street that will eventually create one continuous canopy over the entire block. Due to overhead utilities, smaller White Dogwood trees will be planted on the block north of James Street up to Beverly Street. The ground cover will consist of drought tolerant varieties that will fill the space between the trees yet continue to provide a physical barrier and improve safety and visibility for trail users.

The goal of the project is to address safety concerns that have been expressed over the years about the hedge blocking visibility and to increase the overall tree canopy coverage of the City, which is a goal of the City’s Urban Forest Strategy.

Download PR Canada Avenue Landscaping Plan


For further information contact:
Peter de Verteuil, CAO
(250) 746‐6126