Ingram Street / Canada Avenue Intersection Safety Improvements & Underground Upgrades

The Ingram Street / Canada Avenue Intersection upgrade is well underway and work is progressing as envisioned and on schedule. The contractor has been working double shifts and weekends in order to keep the project on time with the scheduled completion date of June 10, 2015.

The Ingram Street / Canada Avenue Intersection remains open at all times and there is plenty of parking available at the Train Station parking lot. There is lots of advance signage, and the friendly flag people are more than happy to help guide you in the right direction. Traffic has been flowing well, with some minor delays on Trunk Road as some drivers avoid the area with alternate routes.

Concrete sidewalk curb and gutter work will begin next week and the underground work is nearing completion. Water sampling is underway; after which the watermain tie‐ins will be done before proceeding to the road base prep and grading for the upcoming repaving. New signal lights will be installed mid‐May which will have minimal impact to the traffic flow.

“We are very happy with the way this project is progressing and encourage you to shop downtown and support the restaurants and shops during construction,” said Mayor Kent.

The downtown merchants are open and easily accessible at this time and want to thank all of the patrons for your patience throughout this upgrade. The downtown merchants appreciate the loyalty that customers have shown them during this time.

Download Overall Project Scope PDF


Peter de Verteuil, CPA, CGA, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 250‐746‐6126