Ingram Street / Canada Avenue Intersection Safety Improvements & Underground Upgrades – Updates

Beginning on March 12, 2015 Windley Contracting, on behalf of the City of Duncan, will be making improvements to the Ingram Street / Canada Avenue Intersection. The planned completion date for this project is June 10, 2015.

The main purpose of this project is to address pedestrian and vehicular safety concerns at the intersection and along the entire length of Canada Avenue. The ICBC website reports 21 crashes at the Ingram Street/Canada Avenue intersection between 2009 and 2013 (7 in 2013). This number only includes accidents with ICBC claims for property damage and does not represent the many near misses that have been experienced at this intersection.

As extensive road work and paving is being completed, it is cost effective to upgrade the underground utilities when the road is under construction.   Underground work will include; upgrading the Canada Avenue water main from Government Street to Evans Street, installing a new connection between the Canada Avenue water main and the Duncan Street water main at Ingram Street which will improve system connectivity, and replacing the sanitary sewer main. Surface work will include traffic signal upgrades, enhanced street lighting, re‐paving, some widened sidewalks, and the addition of bike lanes on Canada Avenue.

“These improvements will help to protect our citizens whether in their cars, on foot, or on a bicycle at this busy intersection, and will also allow for some improvement to traffic flow” said Mayor Kent.

Since traffic impacts are always a challenge, the City undertook a review of the best options for traffic routing to ensure that consistent access to Downtown could be maintained at all times:

  • Southbound traffic on Canada Avenue will maintained throughout the project
  • Northbound traffic on Canada Avenue will be closed between Government & Ingram
  • Downtown access from Trunk Road, Allenby, and Government Streets will be via Craig, Jubilee, and Boundary Streets
  • The Northbound Canada Avenue Bus Station is temporarily located on Duncan Street
  • Downtown access from Queens Road, Jubilee Street, Ingram Street and Canada Avenue. Southbound will not be affected other than some additional traffic congestion

A pedestrian safety review of the Canada Avenue corridor was completed in December 2012. The study’s main objective was to address pedestrian and vehicular safety along the entire length of the corridor. The review contained a number of recommendations, with the Ingram Street / Canada Avenue Intersection being the highest on the priority list.

Peter de Verteuil, CPA, CGA, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 250‐746‐6126