Free Water & Energy Saving Kits

With the launch of Tap by Tap Duncan, City of Duncan residents can now pick up free water and energy saving kits, which are available on a first-come first-served basis at Duncan City Hall.

Each kit has a $35 retail value, and includes a water-saving showerhead, aerators for kitchen and bathroom taps, thread seal tape, and easy installation instructions.

“The recently adopted Community Energy and Emissions plan recommends providing incentives for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption,” says City of Duncan spokesperson, “Tap by Tap makes it very easy for residents to save hot water, which in turn saves water, energy, money, and greenhouse gas emissions” says Mayor Phil Kent.

BC residents use about 350 liters per person per day, which is more than the Canadian average, and much higher than many other countries. The Tap by Tap kit, once installed, will help a household of 4 people save approximately 170 litres of water per day.

Conserving hot water by installing the free kit can save a four‐person household between $130 and $270 per year on energy bills. For homes of this size using natural gas for water heating, installing the kit can also reduce greenhouse gasses by 0.6 tonnes of CO2E/year – the equivalent of not consuming 274 litres of gasoline every year.

“All these savings just make sense so we imagine the kits will disappear quickly,” says the Mayor. To qualify for a kit, bring your old showerhead and proof of address (e.g. drivers’ licence, utility bill) to Duncan City Hall. To learn more, visit the City Initiatives page on the City of Duncan website.


Background: Tap by Tap Duncan is available thanks to funding from the City of Duncan, with program support provided by City Green Solutions.

Tap by Tap provides free, easy‐to‐install high efficiency water fixtures to help residents across British Columbia save water, energy and money. Fixtures are distributed through local municipal channels and multi‐unit residential property managers. Tap by Tap is a program of City Green Solutions, a non‐profit energy efficiency organization.

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