2016 Citizen Survey Results

The City of Duncan 2016 Citizen Survey results are in! Discovery Research has presented the results of a random survey of 400 residents assessing their level of satisfaction with City services and spending priorities, as well as identifying the issues affecting quality of life in Duncan.

Building upon the results of an identical survey conducted in 2014, overall satisfaction with the services and programs provided by the City of Duncan has increased over the last two years. Respondents indicated that City employees have maintained or improved excellent results in measures of friendliness, fair treatment, competence and level of knowledge. Over 70% respondents would like to maintain or increase existing service levels through user fees or increased taxation and less than 15% of respondents indicated that they would like to see reduced services to maintain the tax rate.

“Conducting citizen surveys at regular intervals allows us to identify what we’re doing well and where we need to focus our efforts going forward,” said Mayor Phil Kent. Respondents indicated that quality of life in Duncan has improved slightly over 2014; however, residents expressed increased concern over traffic and over crime/safety/homelessness/drugs. The most important environmental concern for citizens is water supply.

City Council will use the findings in strategic planning.

View the detailed reports on the findings of the Citizen Survey for more information:

Residents who have questions regarding the survey are encouraged to call City Hall at 250-746-6126.