Clear Snow from Sidewalks and Unblock Drains to Prevent Flooding

The weather forecast is now calling for rain and increasing temperatures over the next few days. As the snow melts, please help out by keeping catch basins and street gutters clear of snow. City crews are still working to clear snow from the roadsides, please avoid parking on the street, if possible.

Please remember that owners are required to ensure that snow or ice is removed from sidewalks in front of residences and businesses. Snow should not be shoveled onto public roadways, it should be stored on site or disposed of elsewhere. Commercial owners/occupants have until 12 noon to clear their sidewalks. Sidewalks in Residential areas should be cleared off within 24 hours after a snowfall. Failure to comply may result in a penalty of $100 under the City of Duncan Streets and Parking Bylaw. Thank you for your help keeping our City safe for pedestrians!

Ways to help on a snow day