Second Street Water, Sanitary and Storm Project Update – Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk and Driveway Installation

Upgrades to Second Street’s water, sanitary and storm mains began in July, 2016. Stone Pacific Contracting has now started curb and gutter installation, to take place March 17th – March 24th, 2017. Second Street will be closed to vehicle traffic Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Driveway access and on-street parking will be restricted during construction hours.

Stone Pacific Contracting has begun pouring concrete into previously constructed forms for the curbs and gutters. Once the concrete has been poured, residents will not have access to their driveways for seven days while the concrete cures and fully hardens. The concrete could crack and break if it is driven on during this period.

The same process of building forms and pouring concrete will be required to install the sidewalks and driveways, which will take place as soon as the curb and gutter installation has been completed.

As the pace of this work is largely dependent on the weather, precipitation and temperature, it makes it difficult to schedule exactly when the work will take place. We anticipate all concrete installation to be complete by the last week of March, at the latest.  Paving of Second Street will quickly follow and residents will be advised of the paving timeline prior to commencement.

The City of Duncan and Stone Pacific Contracting appreciate your patience and flexibility for not only this portion of the project but for the entirety of it.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at 250-746-5321.