April 17 – May 19 – Water Main Flushing

City of Duncan water system users please be advised that the annual water main flushing will take place between April 17 and May 19, 2017. This flushing is done to ensure the continued supply of safe drinking water and will affect all City of Duncan water system users. Please disregard this notice if your property is not on the City’s water system.

Some users may notice a slight chlorine taste and some discolouration of the water during this time, which can be resolved by simply running a cold-water tap for a short period of time. Those who depend on medical equipment that uses water, or those who have questions or concerns, can contact the City of Duncan Public Works Department at 250-746-5321 for specific flushing dates for your area.

Portions of this work will be conducted during the early morning hours in an attempt to minimize any inconvenience. Commercial establishments such as laundromats, restaurants, and beauty salons will receive advance warning of flushing in their area.

Please note that this is the last time notice of the annual water main flushing will be mailed directly to water system users. Next year, notice will be provided in the local newspaper, on the City’s website and Facebook page, and on sandwich boards placed daily near the site of the flushing.