We Are Open For Business: Duncan City Council adopts New Zoning Bylaw

‘WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Duncan City Council adopts new Zoning Bylaw’

On May 22, 2018, Council adopted a new Zoning Bylaw No. 3166, 2017 after a year‐long consultation process, which included online survey tools, mail outs, open houses, and three public hearings. With considerable community engagement and solid public feedback, the new bylaw will provide a positive step towards implementing the Official Community Plan’s (OCP) vision and streamlining current development applications.

The old Zoning Bylaw which was adopted in 1988 and amended 73 times, was no longer consistent with the community vision gathered by the 2007 OCP process and therefore a full rewrite was necessary. The new Zoning Bylaw No. 3166 will:

  • be more user‐friendly
  • reduce overall number of zones from 16 to 8
  • provide property owners with more land use options
  • regulate density by Floor Area Ratio instead of units per hectare
  •  permit row houses – fee simple or strata
  • provide greater flexibility for detached secondary suites
  •  improve streetscapes and efficient use of land along the highway corridor
  •  permit urban farming
  •  regulate cheque‐cashing and pawn shops
  • include certain density bonuses for multi‐unit and mixed‐use development
  • permit existing single and two family dwellings and downtown residential strata developments to be rebuilt in cases of major damage
  • permit residential shelters (for no more than 10 persons) in all zones
  • prohibit emergency shelters in all zones. A separate OCP amendment was made to permit
  • organizations seeking to establish emergency shelters to apply for a Temporary Use Permit that would be considered by Council on a case by case basis

“I am pleased that the City was able to listen to public feedback and find solid land use solutions. We are open for business,” said Mayor Kent. “With a streamlined approval process coupled with the newly defined zones, the City will shape itself for the next 50‐100 years to create a vibrant and welcoming place to live, work and play”.

2018-05-25 Press Release PDF

New Zoning Bylaw No. 3166, 2017 Adopted