Public Advisory: Cowichan River Bridge Southbound Structural Steel Re-Coating Project

Project Summary:
The southbound silver bridge on TC Highway 1, over the Cowichan River in Duncan, is having the old paint removed to bare metal, and re-painted.  This repainting work follows the seismic upgrades that were recently completed on both southbound and northbound bridges.

Paint on the southbound bridge has deteriorated beyond the means of regular maintenance. Corrosion is beginning to affect the structural steelwork and, over time, may affect its strength. Applying new paint will add many years of useful service to the structure as well as improve the appearance of the bridge.  Additionally, some minor structural steel work below deck is expected to occur, after the old paint is removed to reveal the steel.

The project will follow strict environmental guidelines to protect the surrounding area. The bridge will be “shrink wrapped” to contain debris that will be removed daily. The containment system and river environment will be carefully and systematically monitored.  The Contractor will undertake the work in six separate sections of the bridge.

There will be times when the pedestrian sidewalk along the southbound bridge and the north side pathway beneath both bridges will be closed to the public, for safety and to allow the Contractor to conduct its work.

Construction will begin in late July with scaffolding installation, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.  The Contractor (Jamac Painting & Sandblasting Ltd.) will maintain two lanes over the bridge during the heavy traffic of the regular daylight hours.  To help meet its schedule, Jamac has been allowed to conduct work during the very low-volume night hours by fully closing the southbound bridge.  Jamac will schedule evening work to minimize impact to local residents.

The full schedule is not detailed at this time as Jamac develops its work plan.  However, a tentative schedule is:

Scaffolding installation begins:              July 30, 2018
Paint removal begins:                            Early September

Removal of the old paint and application of the new paint require the use of compressors and air blowers that produce loud noise.  Secondly, some of the structural steelwork will add noise from operations including rivet removals, steel cutting and rivet replacement.


More information will be continually provided as the Contractor’s schedule is updated.
Please also see our project web page, at:

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Brent Scott, Ministry Representative:  250-361-6804