August 9 Update NOON: Fire on Maple Mountain – North Cowichan

AUGUST 9 Update 12:00 PM

There has not been any significant change since the 8:00 a.m. update. Seven (7) Fire Departments and the BC Wildfire Service continue to effectively battle the Maple Mountain Wildfire as it continues to smoulder and erupt sporadically.

Please stay out of the area so that they can work without disruption or concerns for your safety.

The Evacuation Alert remains in effect for the area east of Osborne Bay Road from Herd Road to Tatlo Road West as a precaution.

Continue to expect smoke in the area. The public is asked to be alert and on the lookout for any new fires. If you see smoke or flames, please call 911 to report the concern and provide as detailed location information as possible to assist firefighters in locating the potential fire.

Thank you for your patience and a huge thank you to all the fire departments providing personnel and equipment to extinguish this wildfire in this searing heat!

For ongoing updates (next one expected at 4:00 PM), please refer to the North Cowichan webpage that is being updated regularly

Update 8:00 AM

Thank you to the crews that spent the night keeping watch over the fire. At 3:15 a.m., crews successfully doused a 50 x 50 ft area that was burning again.

This morning, crews from multiple fire departments are gathering to plan for the coming day. The continued hot, dry weather tends to encourage fire growth. The fire is contained but still burning and may continue to erupt for several more days.

Please stay out of the area so that fire crews and BC Wildfire Service can effectively fight this fire and keep it contained and away from all structures nearby!

The evacuation alert for Osborne Bay Road East from Herd Road to Tatlo Road West continues as those residences are closest to the wildfire. Please stay on the ready as heat and wind can make wildfires unpredictable.

For ongoing updates (next one is expected at Noon), please refer to the North Cowichan webpage that is being updated regularly


AUGUST 8 Update 3:30 PM

A fire is occurring on Maple Mountain. Multiple fire departments are responding and a clear assessment of the situation is not yet available.

The fire is located somewhere near the parking lot to the Municipal Forest Reserve on Osborne Bay Road. Osborne Bay Road has been closed at Herd Road and at Chilco Road. Flaggers are in place.

The public is being asked to avoid the mountain and keep Osborne Bay Road clear for fire apparatus.

Updates will be posted on the Municipality of North Cowichan’s website and social media feeds.

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