Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Information


The Federal Government has announced that recreational cannabis will be legalized on October 17th, 2018.  The City of Duncan will be aligning bylaws and regulations with Council’s priorities regarding cannabis retail, consumption, and cultivation.

The City of Duncan has heard from many parties interested in establishing cannabis retail businesses in the City; however, the current City of Duncan, Zoning Bylaw No. 3166, 2017 does not permit marijuana operations (cultivating, growing, producing, packaging, storing, distributing, dispensing, trading or selling of marijuana (cannabis) or its derivatives).

To ensure a seamless transition for addressing recreational cannabis legalization in the City of Duncan, staff are working to develop policies and criteria for Council’s consideration. Applications will not be considered by Council until after legalization on October 17, 2018, and after a policy direction for moving forward has been given to staff.

The City has started the regulatory review process by adopting the Smoke-Free Bylaw No. 3179, 2018 on August 20th, which establishes smoke-free areas by regulating and prohibiting environmental tobacco and cannabis smoke, including vaping in certain areas. Amendments to the City’s Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw and Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw have also been considered by Council prior to legalization in order to update smoking related fines.


Who can open a cannabis retail establishment in the City of Duncan?

Currently, the City of Duncan Zoning Bylaw No. 3166, 2017, prohibits marijuana operations in all Zones in the City.

Will the public have input into locations or applications?

Yes. Any business seeking a cannabis retail licence from the Provincial Government will require public input and a positive recommendation from City Council.

What can the City of Duncan regulate?

Most aspects of legalization are the responsibility of the Federal and Provincial governments; however, the City can regulate whether or not dispensaries are permitted in Duncan, and if dispensaries are permitted, the City can regulate their location and hours of operation.


Will cannabis retail be welcome in the City of Duncan?

Not necessarily, City Council will decide whether to approve applications for cannabis retail establishments. Public input will be sought on all cannabis rezoning and licensing applications.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:

Manager of Planning 250-746-6126 or

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