Request for Proposal 2018-05 198 Government Street HVAC Project

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the existing heating and cooling system for a portion of the Valley Seniors building located at 198 Government Street.

A site visit is mandatory for prospective bidders to familiarize themselves with the building and existing services.  The mandatory site visit will be held on December 17, 2018 at 3:00 PM at 198 Government Street, Duncan BC.

The City of Duncan is soliciting cost estimates for HVAC designs, equipment and systems that provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning efficiently and effectively for this RFP response.  Contractors shall include within their RFP response sufficient information, including all estimated costs that the City of Duncan can review in detail with respect to the proposed system and its’ engineering.

Details and submission requirements can be found here:

RFP 2018-05 198 Government HVAC
Appendix A – RFP Evaluation Form
Appendix B – Base Floor Plan and Roof Plan
Appendix C – Hazardous Materials Survey
Appendix D – Electrical Load Factor Estimate

The Proposal and their envelopes should be clearly marked with the name and address of the Proponent and the RFP program title. The sealed envelope should be addressed to the following:

Dave Hewetson, Building Inspector
City of Duncan
200 Craig Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1W3
Office No. 250-746-6126

Proposals must be received on or before the Closing Time of:
TIME:  2:00 p.m.
DATE:  December 19, 2018

Proposals (3 hard copies) will be accepted until the Closing Time specified. It is the Proponent’s sole responsibility to ensure its Proposal is received at the address set out above by the Closing Time.

Proponents wishing to make changes to their Proposals after submission but prior to the Closing Time may do so by submitting the revisions by fax, email or hard copy. It is the Proponent’s sole responsibility to ensure the revisions are received by the CoD prior to the Closing Time.

Proposals received after the Closing Time may not be accepted or considered.