90 Minute Free Parking Available on Craig Street, Station Street and Kenneth Street

DUNCAN – The City of Duncan is working hard to ensure that sufficient parking options are available for customers as its bustling downtown continues to attract more and more visitors.

More and more people are finding out that just a few hundred metres off the Highway (about 60 kilometres north of Victoria) they can find 300 shops and services in beautiful, walkable, compact downtown blocks lined with 40 world renowned totem poles.

In July 2018, Duncan City Council created a Parking Advisory Committee to assist with addressing the concerns being expressed about downtown core parking. One recommendation from the Parking Advisory Committee was to implement a trial program of 90 minute parking on Craig Street, Kenneth Street, and Station Street.

This is one of several parking ideas that came forward aiming to make it easier for customers to find a parking spot without having to circle the block. Parking spaces for persons with disabilities, motorcycle and small car parking spaces, and 15 minute parking spaces will not be impacted by the trial.

“The City aims to be 100% customer friendly by increasing the availability of the prime parking spaces,” said Mayor Michelle Staples. “We hope that citizens, businesses, and visitors will give the 90 minute parking trial a try.  The 3 hour parking lots on Kenneth Street and Canada Avenue will remain unchanged for those that will be stopping downtown for a longer period.”

The purpose of the 90 minute free parking trial is to provide a quicker turnover of parking spots on these streets so there will be spaces available for customers coming to shop downtown.  If a customer’s plan is to stay longer in the downtown core, we hope they will choose one of the 3 hour free parking spots in the parking lots or on other downtown streets, or pay to park for $2 all-day in one of the City’s parking lots, just one block away from the downtown core.

The Parking Advisory Committee, City Council, and staff will have the opportunity to review the impact of the trial program at the end of summer.

Other items that will be implemented in the coming months, are:

  • Converting Canada Avenue between Ingram Street and First Street to all day pay parking ($2/day);
  • Increasing parking infraction fines, including escalating fine amounts for repeat infractions, to discourage employees from parking on the street; and
  • Engaging a consultant to determine how much increased parking capacity is needed for current and future demands.

Downtown 90 Minutes Parking Trial Information Sheet

Available On-Street Designated Parking:

  • 15 minutes free parking spots available for those quick in-out trips;
  • 90 minutes free parking spots available on Craig, Kenneth, and Station Streets;
  • 3 hour free parking spots throughout the other streets in the City;
  • Disabled parking spots available for 3 hours free;
  • Motorcycle and small car parking available for free;
  • Tour buses and motorhomes may park free on Duncan Street – a block from the downtown core, but it is recommended to park at the Robbins parking lot on Government Street as the lot is large; and
  • Free all-day parking on several nearby streets.

Parking Lots:

  • 90 minute free parking at City Square parking lot on Craig Street;
  • 3 hour free parking  at the parking lot on Kenneth Street (beside 164 Kenneth);
  • 3 hour free parking at the parking lot on Canada Avenue (130 Canada Avenue), next to the downtown core;
  • 3 hour free parking at the parking lot on Kenneth Street (beside 24 Kenneth Street);
  • $2 all-day parking at the parking lot on Canada Avenue north of Ingram Street (monthly passes are also available for $30/month or $24/month for a yearly pass;
  • $2 all-day parking on Canada Avenue north of Ingram Street (commencing June 7, 2019);
  • Robbins Parking Lot, Cowichan Tribes, Government Street (across from 15 Canada Avenue) is $2 all-day or $45/month; and
  • Several other private parking lots.
More Paid $2 All-Day Parking Spaces

Since the beginning of 2019, the City of Duncan has been hearing that the $2 paid all-day parking lot on Canada Avenue is frequently full.  Commencing June 7, 2019, fourteen spaces on Canada Avenue, between Ingram Street and First Street, currently 2 hr free parking, will be paid $2 all-day parking.

Where will the new paid spaces be located?

Can monthly parking pass holders use the Canada Avenue paid spaces?

Yes, monthly parking pass holders can use the $2 all-day paid spaces. The same come and go privileges apply as the paid all-day Canada Avenue parking lot.  Monthly passes are available for $30/month or less ($24/month for a yearly pass), at City Hall.

If you have any questions, please contact City Hall: 250-746-6126