Partnership Between Duncan and Cannabis Stores for Bylaw Enforcement and Public Education

On Monday, November 18, 2019, City Council approved the development permit for the second cannabis retail store to open in Duncan. As part of the cannabis licensing regulations, cannabis retailers must apply to the Provincial Government for a licence to operate. In addition, each municipality has their own rules for regulating cannabis retail sales, which include details such as siting considerations and the number of stores permitted. In Duncan, three cannabis retail operators were selected to apply for temporary use permits. As part of their agreements with the City, the cannabis retail operators will contribute funding for bylaw enforcement and public education to help mitigate the impacts of cannabis use.

The financial contributions from retail cannabis operators will be placed in a reserve fund designated for community safety and public education. The funds will support proactive measures such as public information campaigns, training, crime prevention through environmental design programs, and increased bylaw enforcement patrols.

“The City appreciates the progressive approach to security, education, and community wellbeing that the cannabis retail operators have taken,” Mayor Staples stated. “These contributions will enable the City to manage impacts of cannabis legalization in the absence of cannabis sales taxes contributions from the Provincial Government, as requested by the Union of BC Municipalities when legalization was being considered.”

Cannabis retail in Duncan background information:

  • Operators invited to submit proposals in 2019, which included a plan for cannabis retailers to contributing financially to minimize the impacts of the retail sales of cannabis products, address nuisance and impairment issues, and provide education to reduce public impacts of cannabis use.
  • Proposal, including proposed financial contributions and proponent’s business plan, are confidential.
  • Three proponents were selected to move forward with temporary use permit applications.
  • Council approved the first two of three temporary use permits in July 2019.
  • High5 Retail opened in October at 521 Canada Avenue.
  • The Original Farm will open early in 2020 at 130 Trans-Canada Highway.
  • The third applicant is still searching for a location that would fit the City’s criteria