New Metered Water Rates & Billing Periods

Effective January 1, 2020, there are new metered water rates and billing periods for customers inside the City Boundaries.

The City has installed water meters on most properties inside the City boundaries.  The first tri-annual bill will be issued mid-May for the January to April 2020 billing period.

A.      Meter Service Charge (for each four-month period)

Service Size Rate Property Type
19 mm $19.84 Most single family residential dwellings
25 mm $60.81                    Other properties
38 mm $121.62
50 mm $194.50
75 mm $243.23
100 mm $486.49
150 mm $681.08
200 mm $972.98

B.      Plus, Water Consumption Charge

$0.751 for each cubic metre (1,000 litres) consumed

C.      Plus, Large Multiple Dwelling Charge

Per unit for each four-month period (applicable to residential buildings with 10 or more units converting to metered rates after December 31, 2019)

2020 Tri-Annual Billing Periods
Billing Period Billing Date Due Date
January to April Mid-May June 30, 2020
May to August Mid-September Oct. 30, 2020
Sept. to Dec. Mid-January 2021 Feb. 26, 2021

Each metered property will receive one bill except for duplexes with two separate titles and small stratas with four or less units that do not collect strata fees.  In these situations the bill will be divided equally among the owners unless the City is advised to alter the allocation.

The City will be implementing metered water billing for properties outside the City boundaries in 2021.

To determine if you are located inside the city boundaries, please visit our “Do I live in the City of Duncan” webpage

For more information, please visit the Water and Sewer Utilities webpage or email