‘Duncan Housing Society – Memorandum of Understanding reached with City for proposed renewal of Duncan Manor.’

DUNCAN, BC– The City has endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Duncan Housing Society regarding the proposed renewal of Duncan Manor.

To demonstrate the shared goals of the City and the Society in accessing available public funding opportunities for new affordable housing developments, City Council supported the proposed renewal of Duncan Manor and to expand their provision of dedicated, below market housing for seniors and adults with disabilities under the BC Housing Community Housing Fund program, for which the Duncan Housing Society has now submitted a grant application.

The MOU sets out the basic terms and conditions upon which the parties intend to proceed with the planning, design, construction, and operation of the project.

Duncan Manor has been a vital part of the Centennial Park community providing important services for seniors and persons with disabilities for decades. The City looks forward to the next steps in Duncan Housing Society’s efforts to increase affordable housing opportunities for low-income seniors,” states Mayor Staples.

  • The proposal includes a land swap for the portion of the Lawn Bowling Club currently owned by the Duncan Housing Society for a portion of the current Centennial Park parking lot, to enable the construction of a new building on a portion of the parking lot. The current parking lot is proposed to be expanded northward to maintain the same number of parking spaces, while access to the Park would be moved to Second Street.
  • The project will be completed in two phases. Phase 1 will involve rehousing current and additional tenants to a new facility which is to be constructed on a combination of existing City and Duncan Manor parking lots, and expansion of the current Centennial Park parking area to the north. Phase 2 will involve demolition of the existing Duncan Manor site and rebuilding for additional housing units.

The MOU does not constitute or guarantee any development approvals and has several bridges to cross to become a reality. These include a successful grant application, as well as the necessary land exchange, rezoning, subdivision, and development permit approval processes which each require public notification and input opportunities. The Society will be responsible for all design, construction, and operational costs.

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