Request for Quotation – Janitorial and Gatekeeping Services

The City of Duncan invites Contractors to provide a quotation for Janitorial and Gatekeeping Services at City facilities including:

  • City Hall
  • Public Works Yard Office
  • Public Washrooms
  • McAdam Park
  • Centennial Park

The minimum duties and service schedules are set out in the attached schedules.  A person that submits a quotation should prepare a quotation that meets the minimum requirements and may choose to include goods, services or terms that exceed the minimum requirements.

The quotation should include a fixed price for each location as well as listing an hourly rate.

Term: An agreement may be negotiated for up to five years.

Quotes may be sent via email to or submitted in a sealed envelope, marked on the outside with “Janitorial and Gatekeeping Services” to:

City of Duncan, City Hall
200 Craig Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1W3

Quotes must be received prior to 3:00 pm (local time) on April 30, 2021.

All inquiries related to the Request for Quotation should be directed to:

Bernice Crossman, Director of Finance
Telephone: 250-746-6126

2021-03-Janitorial-and-Gatekeeping-RFQ-Final.pdf (161 downloads)