Duncan Housing Society’s Proposal to Redevelop Duncan Manor

DUNCAN, BC – A lot of information and questions are being circulated regarding the Duncan Housing Society’s proposal to redevelop Duncan Manor (280 First Street).

To date, the City of Duncan has not received any development applications for the proposed project.

The draft concept shows the first building to be partially located on the Centennial Park parking lot in exchange for dedicating the portion of the lawn bowling property that they own to the City. The concept has not been approved by the City; Council has only approved a Memorandum of Understanding as to the process for how the concept would proceed for public consideration.

Information on the Memorandum of Understanding that the City entered with the Duncan Housing Society in January 2021 is available here.

Although the City of Duncan initiated the Duncan Housing Society many years ago, there are no longer any ties between the two organizations.

Once the applications for the land swap, subdivision and rezoning are submitted to the City, they will go through the standard processes for consideration and will require various opportunities for public input to Council. Applications are anticipated later in August 2021.

In the meantime, please visit the Duncan Housing Society’s website for more information on this project. To contact the Duncan Housing Society’s project team, you can email info@wiserprojects.com.