RFP 2021-06 Railway Parking Lot Extension

The City of Duncan requires additional parking to support the downtown business community.

A northerly extension of the existing parking lot located within the railway corridor adjacent to Canada Avenue is being planned (east side of Canada Avenue at First Street).

The City of Duncan requests quotations for the construction of a parking lot for up to 18 new parking spots along with a sidewalk, and an entrance onto Canada Avenue. Included in this quotation request is the supply and installation of two (2) catch basins, a rain garden and two (2) Scarlett Oak trees along with associated landscaping.

The Schedule of Quantities, location plan and design drawing (2020.010, sheets 1-5, REV 9) are attached.

All quotes must include:

– A completed schedule of quantities form,

– A preliminary construction schedule with a start date, and

– A list of equipment and personnel hourly rates to be used in the event of a change order.

As well as the following inclusions/assumptions:

– Includes all removals, sub/trench excavation, supply/placement/compaction of sub-base and base to design elevation for parking lot, driveway letdown and all curb/gutter/sidewalk works,

– Includes all removals, sub/trench excavation, supply/placement of growing medium to design elevation for boulevard area,

– Includes all flagging and traffic control costs,

– Ensures all WOCP, Prime Contractor and WorkSafe requirements are met,

– Includes adjustment of existing water service to design elevation for boulevard area, and

– Coordination with the requirement of the City crews to supply and install irrigation works.

Quotes must be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked on the outside with the project number (2021-06) and description and received by 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

City of Duncan, City Hall
Attn: John Pite, Manager of Engineering
200 Craig Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1W3

It is the responsibility of all bidders to ensure that their contact information and receipt of RFQ documents is known to the City of Duncan to ensure that any addendums or revisions to the RFQ are forwarded to all parties that are interested.

Please send a contact name, company name, mailing address, email address and telephone number via email to john@duncan.ca

Amended Schedule of Quantities