REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Development Cost Charges/ Capital Cost Charges Review and Update 2022

This Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) is an invitation by the City of Duncan (the “CoD”) to prospective proponents to submit proposals for the City of Duncan Development Cost Charges / Capital Cost Charges Review and Update 2022.


The overall objective of the City is for the development of an updated Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw and Report establishing water, sewer, road, and storm sewer rates for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. The City’s Development Cost Charge Bylaw needs to reflect future infrastructure costs related to projected growth and advances in DCC best practice.


The main focus of this review and update is for the City’s Development Cost Charges. Additionally, as the City’s water system extends outside of the municipal boundaries, an overall review with recommendations for updating the City’s Capital Cost Charges (CCC’s) is also required, subject to the maximum project budget that is available.

Submissions must be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked on the outside with the above RFP number and received by April 21, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. local time.

City of Duncan, Engineering Department

Attention: Brian Murphy, Director, Public Works and Engineering

City of Duncan, 200 Craig Street

Duncan, BC  V9L 1W3

RFP 2022-01 Document

RFP 2022-01 System Map