City of Duncan 2022 Tax Notice Update

If you are eligible to claim the regular Home Owner Grant (HOG), please read this notice.

This is to notify you there is a typo on your 2022 paper tax notice.  The tax notice states that you can claim a HOG of $777, when in fact the maximum HOG you can claim is $770.  This does not affect the amount of tax charged on your account.  It means that the balance showing as owing at the bottom of the column on your paper tax notice, after you deduct the HOG, is $7.00 less than it should be.

Example of the paper notice that was sent:

Taxes calculated              $3,000
HOG                                 ($777)

Balance owing                $2,223

Example of what should have been on the paper notice:

Taxes calculated              $3,000
HOG                                 ($770)

Balance owing                $2,230

If you are unsure about how much to pay, please give us a call at City Hall 250-746-6126 and we will be happy to explain. 

If you have already paid or do pay the balance showing on your tax notice, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  You may either pay the $7.00 later or carry it forward to next year with no penalties added.