Statement from the Mayor of Duncan regarding the June 28th police incident in Saanich

A tragic incident took place in Saanich just days ago. It is hard to believe that something like this could happen on Vancouver Island and that the two people responsible for this were from the Cowichan Valley. 

We would like to extend our love to the community of Saanich as they try to process what has taken place in their community. To the courageous officers who were injured on the job, which they do to serve their communities, we extend our heartfelt prayers for your recovery. To the all the officers, employees, customers, and their families, our thoughts are with you. 

There is no way we can make sense of the choices and actions of these two young men. What we can do is care for each other as we move through the coming days, weeks, and months. 


Mayor Staples
City of Duncan 

– 30 –

Michelle Staples,

Peter de Verteuil