Province Funds Station Street Placemaking Project

The Government of B.C. has announced a grant through the Rural Economic Diversification and Infrastructure Program (REDIP) for $1,000,000 for the City of Duncan’s Station Street Placemaking Project, an initiative to revitalize a business node in downtown Duncan through the creation of a vibrant public space.

The design for the Station Street and Whistler Street Placemaking Projects was developed by residents and interested parties through a series of workshops facilitated by Mark Lakeman, a well-known placemaking advocate, and designer. This project will transform an underutilized empty lot into a dynamic public space that will serve as a hub for community events, festivals, and other activities.

The Station Street Placemaking Project is an essential component of the City’s efforts to support the downtown businesses and attract more visitors. The new space will be attractive, functional, and reflective of the community’s values and needs.

“This is such exciting news for our community to receive,” said Mayor Staples. “This project is an important step forward in our collective efforts to create a vibrant and welcoming downtown for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. We are grateful for the support of REDIP and we can’t wait to get started on making the vision for this space, which we created together just prior to the pandemic, a reality.”

The Station Street Placemaking Project is expected to be completed by spring 2024. The project is part of a broader effort by the Province to support economic diversification and infrastructure development in rural communities throughout BC.

The City will continue to seek funding opportunities for the Whistler Street Placemaking Project. For more information about the Station Street Placemaking Project, please visit 

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