Press Release: Default speed limit lowered to 30 kilometres per hour

DUNCAN – The City of Duncan has made amendments to the Streets and Parking Regulations Bylaw to reduce the default speed limit in the city to 30 kilometres per hour.

Vehicle travel speeds are a critical factor in determining the severity of a crash and whether it occurs at all. The faster the speed, the less time the drivers have to react to unexpected situations, and the risk of death and injury increases significantly as travel speeds increase. 

“The City is pleased to be a leader on Vancouver Island in reducing vehicle speed limits in our jurisdiction,” said Mayor Michelle Staples. “By reducing the default speed limit, we can make a positive impact on road safety by reducing the likelihood or severity of a crash. We thank Vision Zero BC and ICBC for their support and funding of this initiative.”

The new default speed limit applies throughout the City of Duncan, with a few exceptions at 40 kilometres per hour along sections of Government Street, Canada Avenue, Coronation Avenue, and Trunk Road. The speed limit remains at 50 kilometres per hour on the Trans-Canada Highway through Duncan, as the highway is under Provincial jurisdiction.

This change aligns with community feedback received through the draft Transportation and Mobility Strategy public engagement process and through Official Community Plan community engagement sessions that were held in late April 2023. New speed limit signs will be unveiled on February 5, 2024 throughout the City.

2024-02-01 Press Release: Default speed limit lowered to 30 kilometres per hour