Animal Control

Coastal Animal Control Services of BC is contracted to the City to administer and enforce regulations of the Animal Control Bylaw.

Inquiries, concerns and complaints regarding animals should be directed to Coastal Animal Control Services. Common issues include:

  • Attacking or aggressive dogs
  • Barking dogs
  • Neglected or stray dogs
  • Injured dogs
  • Unlicensed dogs
  • Dogs tied up outside for more than 2 hour within a 24 hour period
  • Dogs off-leash outside of an off-leash area
  • Dogs kept outside without appropriate shelter to protect the dog from heat, cold and wet

For more information about Animal Control, check out Fast Facts – Animal Control in Duncan or view the Animal Regulation & Impounding Bylaw.

Contact Information

Coastal Animal Control Services is located at 2202 Herd Road
Phone: (T:250-748-3395)

Concerned about a dog in a hot car?

If you see a dog confined in an enclosure, including a motor vehicle, without adequate ventilation to prevent the dog from suffering distress, contact nearby businesses first to alert their customers, or, in a park or non-commercial area, call out to see if the owner is nearby.  In a residential area, door-knocking is recommended.  If the owner cannot readily be found, please call Coastal Animal Control at (T: 250-748-3395) first, then, try the RCMP non-emergency line (T: 250-748-5522), or the Animal Cruelty Hotline (T: 1-855-622-7722).  Record any information about the state the animal is in, and whether or not the windows are down or there is a water source, to report to the SPCA.

Note: A dog in distress is defined as excessively panting or drooling; the dog’s tongue has turned a dark purple or grey which indicates the dog’s internal temperature has risen to a dangerous degree; the dog is behaving frantically – pawing at the window, or trying to stick its nose out; loss of bowels; lethargic and unresponsive behavior.

Dog Licensing

It is mandatory for every dog, over 4 months old, to be licensed yearly, and to wear the tag on their collar. The licences are valid for the calendar year from January to December. Dog licence fees offset the costs of animal control and provide an accurate form of identification. Licences can be purchased at City Hall, 200 Craig Street (T: 250-746-6126), Coastal Animal Control Services of BC Ltd., 2202 Herd Road (T: 250-748-3395), or online.

Licensing Fees

Description Paid by January 31st Paid After January 31st
Neutered Male Dog; in respect of which the applicant produces a certificate of neutering signed by a veterinarian; $16.00 $26.00
Spayed Female Dog; in respect of which the applicant produces a certificate of ovario-hysterectomy signed by a veterinarian or which is marked in a manner satisfactory to the Animal Control Officer so as to indicate that it has had an ovario-hysterectomy $16.00 $26.00
Unneutered Male or Unspayed Female Dog $35.00 $50.00
Dog Deemed Aggressive $200.00 $340.00
Replacement licence or licence tag $5.00 $5.00

Off-Leash Area

The City provides an area where dog owners may exercise their dogs off-leash.  The off-leash dog park is located at Rotary Park.


No person shall keep more than six (6) companion animals, consisting of not more than three (3) dogs and no more than five (5) cats over the age of 12 weeks.

Owners must affix, and keep affixed, sufficient identification on the cat by a collar, harness, traceable tattoo, or other suitable device so that a person finding the cat at-large can identify and contact the owner and every owner of an outdoor cat must have the cat spayed or neutered.

Anyone wishing to feed ownerless cats may do so subject to the following:

  • Register with a City recognized organization with the TNR (trap, neuter and return) program
  • Provide evidence, in writing, of a plan for the care, feeding and mandatory spaying/neutering, tattooing, and vaccination of each ownerless cat to the TNR organization, with copies to Coastal  Animal Control and the SPCA for their records;
  • Feeding stations can only be placed on private property for up to 45 minutes maximum, once per day, to prevent attracting rodents and unwanted animals to the feeding stations;
  • Outdoor shelter must be provided for any ownerless cat; and
  • The total number of cats, whether kept as a companion animal, or ownerless cats without identification, cannot exceed five (5) cats per lot.

For more information about ownerless cats, please visit Cowichan Cat Rescue.


A person may apply to the Manager of Planning for a licence for one or more back yard hens by completing and submitting an application to the City.  Certain zoning restrictions apply and there are also specific siting requirements for a coop or pen.

Relevant Information and Application

Other Animals

To report sightings of bears, cougar, or wounded wildlife, call the Provincial Conservation Officer at 1-877-952-7277

Should you have problems with rats, mice, raccoons, etc., call a pest control company.  Additional information on rat control and prevention can be found in the City of Duncan Rat Brochure.