The City of Duncan may provide a grant in aid to non-profit organizations that operate within the City of Duncan.  They are typically awarded for projects or activities which are beyond the scope of the City of Duncan services and represent an appropriate use of tax dollars to the benefit the citizens of the City of Duncan.

In granting financial assistance to an organization for a discretionary grant, City Council takes into account the following objectives:

  • The primary purpose of a grant is to provide one-time financial assistance to an organization for a specific project or event that benefits the residents of the City of Duncan.
  • It is preferable that the organization be registered as or belong to a parent society under the laws of British Columbia and/or Canada.
  • Preference will be given to organizations that are locally based and whose efforts are City focused in nature.
  • An organization applying for a grant must provide the following information in order to have its application considered:
    • Description of the project or event for which funding is requested
    • Indicate whether or not the project or event is already provided
    • Identify the beneficiaries of the project or grant
    • Indicate the total cost of the project or event
    • Indicate other sources of funding for the project or event
    • Provide the organization’s current annual budget and previous year’s financial statement.

The City will not grant funds to

  • a “for profit” organization or to individuals;
  • teams for sports related endeavours;
  • Charitable Organizations that are not locally based (e.g. Cowichan Historical Society “is” locally based);


  • All grant applications should be submitted to the City on or before September 15th in each year in order to be considered by the City for funding in the following year.
  • Applications received after this date may not be considered for funding in the following year.
  • Funds for approved grant applications will be dispersed to the organization by the end of February of the following year.