Permissive Tax Exemptions

Tax exemption status is generally based on the belief that the use of the property or business returns a sufficient community benefit to society earning the relief of tax obligations.  The intent is to reduce the tax burden on eligible non-profit organizations so they can continue to provide necessary services, support and/or charitable programs to all Duncan citizens.

Permissive Tax Exemptions are determined by the City of Duncan’s Permissive Tax Exemption Policy.

How do I know if my non-profit organization is eligible for a permissive tax exemption?

Non-profit organizations seeking tax exemption status are required to submit a Permissive Tax Exemption Application form with supporting documentation to the City.  The application is reviewed and if it meets exemption eligibility criteria, the property may be exempt from paying taxes.  The responsibility to apply for tax exempt status rests with the non-profit organization using the property.  Non-profit organizations ceasing to qualify for exemption will no longer receive a tax exemption.