Election Information

Local Government Elections will be held across BC on
October 20, 2018

The City of Duncan is governed by a Council of 7 elected officials: 1 Mayor and 6 Councillors. Election officials are elected to serve four year terms. Council operates at policy level and delegates day to day operations through the Chief Administrative Officer to City staff, while adhering to the Community Charter, Local Government Act and various other Acts and Statutes of the Province of BC.


Candidate information will be posted on CivicInfo BC as soon as possible after nomination documents have been submitted.

Questions to Staff from Candidates

Click here to review questions that have been submitted to staff by candidates during the 2018 election period, as well as the answers provided to them by staff. This information is being provided to all candidates that have filed nomination papers, to ensure that the same information has been made available to all candidates.

Information for Candidates

Serving your community can be a rewarding experience. There are many good reasons to run for office — you might run to be actively involved in the local decision-making process, contribute your experience and knowledge to the community, address issues or lead change in your community.

The nomination period for the 2018 Municipal Election will open at 9:00 am on September 4 and will close at 4:00 pm on September 14, 2018. Candidate information guides and nomination forms are available from Corporate Services at City Hall. Please call 250-746-6126 to make an appointment for pick-up.

Before making the decision to run for local office, it’s important to think about how you can best serve your community if you are elected. View the Thinking of Running for Office? brochure and Local Elections Candidate’s Guide for more information.

To become a candidate, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older on voting day;
  • A Canadian citizen;
  • A BC resident for six months before your nomination; and
  • Someone not disqualified by the Local Government Act or any other enactment from being nominated for, being elected to or holding the office, or be otherwise disqualified by law.

A Candidate Information Session was held at City Hall on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018. Presentation: Candidate Information Session


Voter Information

Elections are the most direct way for the public to directly influence their local government. During the election process, candidates generally outline their platforms and objectives if they were to be elected. By choosing the candidates with the ideals and qualities that are most acceptable to the electors, citizens can directly influence the type of community where they reside or own property.

View the Voter’s Guide for more information.

Resident Elector Qualifications & Registration

The City of Duncan will be using the Provincial Voters List for Resident Electors. If your name does not appear on the Provincial Voters List but you meet the eligibility criteria listed below, you must provide two pieces of documentation proving identity and residency (one must have a signature) to register at the voting place immediately before you vote.

You are entitled to vote as a Resident Elector if all of the following apply:

  • you are 18 years or older on general voting day;
  • you are a Canadian Citizen;
  • you are a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months;
  • you have resided within the boundaries of the City of Duncan for at least 30 days; and
  • you  are not disqualified to vote by the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting in the election or are otherwise disqualified by law.
Non-Resident Property Elector Qualifications & Registration

You are entitled to vote as a Non-Resident Property Elector if all of the following apply:

  • you are 18 years or older on general voting day;
  • you are a Canadian Citizen;
  • you are a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months;
  • you are a registered owner of real property within the City of Duncan boundaries for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration;
  • you are the only owner on title* and are not holding the property in trust for a corporation or another trust;
  • you are not entitled to register as a resident elector; and
  • you are not disqualified under the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting in an election and not otherwise disqualified by law.

*If there is more than one registered owner of the property, only one of those individuals may, with the written consent of the majority of the owners, register as a non-resident property elector (download the consent form or pick one up from City Hall in advance). 

The following information is required at the time of registration:

  • A recent title search, state of title certificate, or property tax notice, showing the names of all of the registered owners;
  • Two pieces of identification proving identity and residency (one must have a signature); and
  • In the case of more than one owner of the property, a completed consent form signed by the majority of the owners designating you as the person entitled to vote for the property (original signatures only; facsimiles of signatures not acceptable).

Please Note:

  1. Only one Non-Resident Property Elector may vote per property, regardless of how many owners there may be. Further, you may vote for only one property, no matter how many properties you own within The Corporation of the City of Duncan.
  2. You may register on voting day if you meet the qualifications set out above. If you are already registered as a Non-Resident Property Elector on The Corporation of the City of Duncan Non-Resident Property List of Electors, and provided that you still meet all of the requirements of the Local Government Act in order to be registered under this category, you are not required to re-register in order to vote.
  3. No corporation is entitled to be registered as an elector or have a representative registered as an elector, and no corporation is entitled to vote. Individuals who are on title with corporations are not entitled to register or vote. Individuals who own an undivided interest in land on which the balance is held by a corporation are not entitled to vote.
  4. Elections BC is responsible for Advertising and Sponsorship in Local Elections. Please visit their website at elections.bc.ca for additional information.
Proof of Identity and Place of Residence

The following are acceptable classes of documents for proof of identity:

  • BC driver’s licence or BC driver’s licence and services card
  • BC ID card
  • BC CareCard or Gold CareCard
  • Social Insurance Card (Canada)
  • Citizenship Card (Canada)
  • Real property tax notice
  • Credit card or debit card issued by a savings institution
  • Utility bill

A more complete list of acceptable identification is available at Elections BC.

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