Council Committees

The City of Duncan establishes Committees and other advisory bodies from time to time to inquire into matters and to report its findings and recommendations to Council.

Committees meet in accordance with their Terms of Reference, and are held at City Hall, 200 Craig Street, in the Committee Room (2nd Floor).  Additional meetings may also be held at the call of the Chair. For more information on any of the committees, contact

If you are interested in joining a committee that has a vacancy and you qualify for the open membership position, please fill out a Committee Application Form and send to or drop off at City Hall, 200 Craig Street, Duncan.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee must be established under the Accessible British Columbia
, Section 9(1), to assist the municipality to identify barriers to individuals in or interacting with the municipality and advise the municipality on how to remove and prevent barriers to individuals in or interacting with the municipality. It is established by the Accessibility Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, with members bringing a wide range of nonpartisan views and experience to ensure that Council hears the widest possible perspective.

The Advisory Committee will meet a minimum once per year and additional meetings will be held at the call of the Chair.


City CouncilCouncillor Carol Newington (Chair)
Clements Centre SocietyDominic Rockall
Cowichan Independent LivingRay Hedstrom
Literacy Now – CowichanJan Thompson
Valley Seniors Organization of DuncanEarle Dykes
Vancouver Island Providence Community AssociationLeah Boisvert & Stephanie Kok (shared)
Member At-LargeMichelle McConnell

Advisory Design Panel

The Advisory Design Panel (ADP) exists to give impartial professional recommendations to Council and staff on matters relating to the design context of development proposals or policies that affect Duncan’s physical environment, as established by the ADP Terms of Reference.  The ADP reviews and advises Council on the conformance of major development permit applications (commercial development over 200 square meters, or residential development with 5 or more units) and other matters referred to it by Council or staff.

The ADP meets at 2:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month, as required.


Planning Institute of BCBill Corsan
Architectural Institute of BCMallory Stuckel
Architectural Institute of BCEric Norman
BC Society of Landscape ArchitectsKyle Yakimovitch
Member At-LargeDavid Coulson
Member At-LargeEduardo Sousa
City Council (Non-Voting)Councillor Garry Bruce

Environment & Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Environment & Sustainability Advisory Committee exists to provide Council with advice and recommendations on environmental issues, and shall generally, investigate, promote, advise, recommend, and assist in the implementation of measures that will improve the quality of life, the livability, and the working environment for the residents, visitors and businesses through the integration of the principles of sustainability and sound environmental practice to all municipal functions and operations, as established by the Environment & Sustainability Advisory Committee Terms of Reference. Environmental issues include, but are not limited to, the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, solids waste (including garbage, recycling, and composting), water conservation stewardship, water quality, air quality, open spaces, trees, energy conservation, and climate change.

The Environment & Sustainability Committee meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis at the call of the Chair.


City CouncilCouncillor Jenni Capps (Chair)
Member At-LargePaulina Kee
Member At-LargeLaura Patterson
Member At-LargeDarryl Tunnicliffe
Youth At-LargeClara van Muiswinkel

Junior Council

To provide City of Duncan high school students in grades 10 through 12 the opportunity to learn about and participate in the process of local government, with an option to develop and oversee a project that will benefit youth within the City of Duncan.  The Junior Council is established by the Junior Council Terms of Reference and the Council liaison is Councillor Jenni Capps.

If there are any students interested in being on the City of Duncan Junior Council, please contact:

Official Community Plan Advisory Committee

The Official Community Plan (OCP) Advisory Committee exists to provide meaningful input and recommendations to Council related to the OCP review project as established by the OCP Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

The OCP Advisory Committee will continue to meet upon adoption of the updated OCP by Council. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.


City of Duncan Council Member (Chair)Mayor Michelle Staples
Downtown Duncan Business Improvement AreaJeff Downie
Highway Corridor Business CommunityParampreet Kaur
Cowichan TribesEduardo Sousa
Member At-large (youth)Julia Cutt
Member At-largeHelen Nation
Member At-largeDoyle Childs
Member At-largeBrooklyn Mann
Member At-largeTanya Ablonczy
Member At-largeFaisal Charania

Tourism Advisory Committee

The Tourism Advisory Committee exists to provide Council with advice and recommendations on tourism issues directly affecting the Duncan area, to strengthen the overall ‘visitor experience’ through marketing and product development, and provide recommendations to Council for the implementation of the Duncan Tourism Marketing Plan (2022), as established by the Tourism Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

The Tourism Committee will meet every second month (February, April, June, September and November) excluding August and December. Additional meetings may be held at the call of the Chair.


City CouncilCouncillor Tom Duncan (Chair)
District of North CowichanCouncillor Mike Caljouw
Cowichan TribesCouncillor Jen Charlie
Duncan-Cowichan Chamber of CommerceSonja Nagel
Tourism CowichanKenzie Knight
Duncan Downtown Business Improvement AreaKatherine Devine
Member At- Large (tourism operators and businesses)Judy Hill
Member At-Large (highway business community member)Don Hatton