Secondary Suites

The City of Duncan allows secondary suites under certain conditions through the Zoning Bylaw.

The Bylaw directly permits in-house suites and detached suites. Detached suites may be permitted where parcels meet the minimum lot size as defined in the Zoning Bylaw No. 3166. Freestanding residential buildings require Homeowner Protection Office approval or exemption. This applies to both garden suites and carriage suites. For further information on requirements for detached residential buildings, contact the Compliance and Enforcement – a division of BC Housing at 1-604-646-7050.

City policy provides an exemption from additional utility charges on secondary suites in the following instances:

  • when a residential property owner removes the secondary suite;
  • when the owner removes the unit from the rental market for one year; or
  • when it becomes occupied by a family member.

Relevant Applications and Forms:

For more information on Secondary Suites, please contact the Manager of Planning at 250-746-6126 or