Sign Permits

Signs in the City of Duncan are regulated by Sign Bylaw No. 3095 (Consolidated), which defines the number and types of signs a property or business is permitted to install with or without a permit.

As the Sign Bylaw lists a number of permitted and prohibited types of signs, businesses and property owners should consult the Sign Bylaw prior to erecting a sign to determine if a Sign Permit is required.

To ensure compatibility between a neighbourhood and sign type, the City of Duncan has five Sign Districts, these districts prescribe the number and types of signs permitted in each area of the City. For more information, look at the map below to learn your Sign District and view the tables 8.1 and 8.2 in the Sign Bylaw to see the types of signage you may be able to install.

Sign Permits can be obtained by filling out a Sign Permit Application and submitting it to City Hall along with the required permit fee listed on the application form. Please make sure the application checklist is completed prior to submission.

Signs that do not follow City regulations may result in signs being impounded and/or fines being issued.

For more information, please contact the Planning Department at: or 250-746-6126.