At the City of Duncan, we understand that – like the weather here – change happens. The growth of our region, shifting economic opportunities, and environmental trends all affect our residents and shape our city. Duncan needs to respond to all of these changes to make sure that the city remains a healthy and vibrant place to live – a place our children will want to call home. Most of the emissions for our region are carbon dioxide from transportation, electricity, and heat. By committing to reduce our emissions we will need to shift some of our habits and build a city that supports things like public transit, energy efficient homes, and renewable energy production.

Read the full statement of our Climate Action Charter Commitment

Home Energy Efficiency

Thinking about making your home more energy efficient?

The first place to start is by contacting Better Homes BC Home for an Energy Coach: A service to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

This service includes:

  • An incentives and rebates search tool
  • Resources to learn about energy efficiency products and services
  • A regularly updated frequently asked questions series
  • Knowledgeable program staff to answer your home energy improvement questions
  • Contact BC Home Energy Coach at 1-844-881-9790 or visit Better Homes BC

Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Duncan has had an Energy and Emissions Plan in place since 2015 to guide sustainable municipal efforts. The Plan outlines many actions the City has taken to respond to climate change, as well as actions the City can take in the near future.

View or download Duncan’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan