Urban Forest Strategy and Tree Protection

In October 2010, the City of Duncan adopted its Urban Forest Strategy, which emphasizes the importance of the urban forest.  By protecting, maintaining and enhancing the urban forest, we are ensuring that citizens of Duncan will continue to enjoy the many social, health, and economic benefits that are provided by a healthy environment.

Trees support important life processes for a variety of organisms.  They also provide us with a spiritual connection to our natural environment and improve the quality of life.  To support this initiative, Council prioritized areas of importance such as implementing a Tree Protection Bylaw (including developing policy related to the management and maintenance of significant trees), introducing landscape standards to ensure that trees are incorporated into the design of all new parking lots; developing specific site prescriptions to manage natural stands in areas associated with risk (floodplains, slope instability, fire hazard, or invasive species), and promoting and raising awareness of the services and benefits provided by the urban forest.

Tree Protection Bylaw

In November 2021, the Tree Protection Bylaw was significantly updated to continue to protect urban forests and natural ecosystems.  While some of the trees are located on City property, the bulk of the urban forest consists of trees on privately owned land and Council wanted to implement a bylaw that would regulate tree cutting and removal on private land.  Tree regulation bylaws have become more common in recent years as communities realize the benefits of trees and their related ecosystems.  In particular, a list of significant trees was developed based on unique characteristics such as size, age, species, aesthetic value, cultural significance, and ecological importance that provide considerable benefit to the community.

For more information about the Urban Forest Strategy, the Tree Protection Bylaw, or if you would like to nominate a Significant Tree to be protected, please contact the Director of Public Works and Engineering 250-746-6126 or publicworks@duncan.ca