Zoning Bylaw Rewrite

Zoning Bylaws dictate what you can and cannot do on a property, and the bylaw divides the City into a number of zones. Within the proposed Zoning Bylaw, the entire array of zones and their associated land uses have been revised to be more consistent with the vision of the OCP.

Overview & Highlights

The current Zoning Bylaw, adopted in 1988 and amended 73 times, no longer achieves the vision of the 2007 Official Community Plan (OCP).

The new Zoning Bylaw will:

• reduce overall number of zones from 16 to 8, with each zone allowing for more flexibility;
• be more user-friendly by utilizing a table of contents, intuitive layout, logical zone names and metric dimensions;
• include definitions that are concise and located at the end of the Bylaw;
• give land-owners more options on their property; and
• promote economic diversity and resiliency.

The new Zoning Bylaw includes some innovative changes in regard to how the City of Duncan will create vibrancy and flexibility:

• Floor Area Ratio (FAR) – instead of per hectare
• Row Houses – fee simple or strata
• Detached Secondary Suites – more flexibility
• Subdivision – more options
• Highway Corridor – better utilization of land
• Food Carts/Trucks – more food options, promotes economic diversity and resiliency
• Daycare – commercial & residential
• Urban Farming – on undeveloped parcels
• Check-Cashing / Pawn Shops – stronger regulations

Download a draft of the New Zoning Bylaw.

Zone Changes


























To learn more and provide your feedback, visit the Duncan Zoning Bylaw Discussions and Resources at placespeak.ca/duncanzoning