Garbage, Recycling, Organics, Yard Waste & Glass

The City of Duncan collects garbage and recycling alternately every other week, with organics collected every week. We are committed to achieving our community’s target of zero-waste. Please continue to help us reduce, reuse, and recycle. Download the 2024 Duncan Collection Schedule.

Recycling bags, stickers for cans, and calendars can be picked up, free of charge, at City Hall (200 Craig Street).

Glass and yard waste is collected by the City’s contractor, Waste Connections. Please call Waste Connections directly with questions about glass and yard waste collection at 250-248-8109.

The Public Works Yard (1091 Marchmont Road) is open by appointment only. Please call 250-746-5321 to set up an appointment.

Coming Soon! Automated Curbside Collection

Garbage, recyclables, organics and yard waste must be out by 7:30 a.m. on your collection day.


Garbage is collected every other week on your scheduled collection day (see the Garbage Collection Map to find out your collection route).

Each household is permitted ONE (1) 77L can weighing no more than 50lbs/22kg.  The weight limit ensures operators can lift without risk of injury and encourages the use of the organics and recycling programs.

Additional garbage stickers can be purchased for $3 each at City Hall (200 Craig Street).  Each garbage sticker can be used for ONE extra 77L can, up to 50lbs/22kg in weight.  A can MUST be used for the extra garbage (loose bags will not be collected).  If the sticker will not adhere to the can, please remove the lid and adhere the sticker to the top of the bag in plain view. One extra can is permitted per household per pick up day.


Unlimited household recyclables are collected every other week on your scheduled collection day. Recyclables can be placed at the curb for collection in either containers or bags:

Bags Unlimited accepted recyclables can be collected in the yellow recycling bags provided by the City.  ALL BAGS MUST BE LEFT OPEN/UNTIED.  Yellow recycling bags are available, free of charge, at City Hall (200 Craig Street).
Containers Unlimited accepted recyclables can be collected in reusable containers or bins.  While the number of containers or bins permitted is unlimited, each container or bin must be no larger than 77L and weigh no more than 50lbs/22kgs.  All containers or bins must be clearly marked as recycling.  Yellow recycling stickers are available, free of charge, at City Hall (200 Craig Street).
Cardboard Corrugated cardboard, including packing boxes, must be flattened and tied in bundles; cut no bigger than 2’x3′.


Organic matter may be placed in any container at the curb, as long as the container is marked “Organics”, has a latched lid, and weighs 50lbs or less at curbside.

Step 1 Collect food waste and compost items (remove stickers on fruits/vegetable peelings) and place in a kitchen catcher, lining it with a 100% compost bag is optional.  All bags must have the compost logo on the packaging (plastic, biodegradable or degradable bags are not accepted)
Step 2 Empty the compost bag into your marked Organic curbside tote with latching lid.
Step 3 Place marked Organic curbside tote out for collect every week

Yard Waste & Glass

Yard waste & glass is collected on the first collection day of each month from March to December (no collection in January or February). The following can be placed at the curb for yard waste and/or glass collection:

Yard Waste Up to ten (10) compost bags or reusable bins of yard waste no larger than 77L and weighing no more than 50lbs/22kg, marked “Yard Waste”.
Sticks Up to two (2) bundles of sticks no longer than 3 feet and no larger than 2 inches in diameter.  Bundles of sticks must be tied with cotton string and not exceed 50lbs/22kg in weight.
Glass Unlimited glass.  Glass must be unbroken, clean and contained in a bin, marked “Glass”.

Garbage, Recyclables and Organics Collection Bylaw

Cowichan Valley residents can also dispose of yard waste for free at the Bings Creek Transfer Station, year round. For more information, please contact Bings Creek at 250-746-2540.

Backyard Burning

Backyard burning has been completely banned in the City of Duncan for a number of years.


  • Public Works Yard: 250-746-5321 or email:
  • Bings Creek Depot: 250-746-2540
  • CVRD recycling information hotline: 250-746-2540 / Cowichan Recyclopedia
  • Yard Waste/Glass pickup – Waste Connections: 250-248-8109
  • For more information about the region’s waste management plan, please visit CVRD website.