The City of Duncan is committed to transparency and engaging with the residents and business owners.  City Council and staff believe that active, engaged citizens make for a more vibrant, positive, and welcoming City, while also leading to better decisions. Our Public Engagement Policy establishes a formal approach for the City to develop project specific engagement plans.


PlaceSpeak is an online platform for the community to provide feedback on projects or initiatives. This is one way for the City to receive feedback, in addition to community meetings, paper-based surveys, phone calls, and emails, etc.  A one-time, location-based registration allows users to be alerted to any consultation that may affect their physical location.  This residential accuracy means the City can be confident that it is receiving precise feedback from its citizens and nearby residents.

We encourage all residents and business owners to register and participate. Your feedback is critical to the decisions making process.

City of Duncan PlaceSpeak public consultations: