Emergency Preparedness

Personal Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Agencies from all levels of government can do their jobs more effectively if each one of us takes personal responsibility for emergency preparedness. Preparing ourselves and our families and being ready to help our neighbours will help to reduce the potentially devastating effects of emergencies and disasters.  Emergencies and natural disasters cannot always be prevented, but we can prepare to minimize or avoid the effects of such events. Creating an Emergency Plan and having a kit that can sustain your family for at least 72 hours are steps you can take to prepare for such emergencies.

School & Community / Business Preparedness

How Prepared Are You?

  • Is your workplace a safe place to be during an emergency or disaster?
  • Do your employees know what to do to keep themselves safe in an emergency or disaster?

Emergency Planning is required by the Workers’ Compensation Board and needs to include a risk assessment and emergency procedures to exit the building safely and provide training for all employees.

Are You Ready to Recover from a Disaster?

Your employees and community are counting on businesses and organizations to be able to function during a disaster and recover quickly after a disaster.

Here are some important questions for you to answer:

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