Water and Sewer Utilities

The City of Duncan is committed to maintaining and upgrading water, sewer and storm sewer infrastructure.  The primary purpose of the City of Duncan’s water system is to provide clean, safe drinking water.  To ensure sustainability of the system, the City of Duncan undertakes a number of initiatives towards water conservation, such as the ongoing Water Metering Program.

The City’s water sources are four deep wells and two reservoirs for water distribution which are situated near the Cowichan River and which extract water from a sub-river aquifer.  This aquifer is considered to be an “un-confined” aquifer that is regenerated by water from the river and adjacent watershed being filtered by layers of pervious soils.

Water and sewer services include the operations and maintenance of the City’s water and sewer systems. The City’s water distribution system covers approximately 5 square kilometers and services over 15,000 people extending into portions of the Municipality of North Cowichan, the Cowichan Valley Regional District Electoral areas “D” and “E”, and Cowichan Tribes lands. The City maintains a separate system of underground pipes to collect sewer and waste water for treatment at the Joint Utilities Board (JUB) Lagoons that are jointly owned with the Municipality of North Cowichan. The City’s proportional costs of maintaining the JUB Lagoons is included in the sewer service charges.


If you have questions about your water billing account, please email utilities@duncan.ca

Water and Sewer Emergencies

Please report emergencies involving water or sewer issues immediately to Public Works:

  • 250-746-5321 (during work hours)
  • 250-746-7192 (after work hours)

Tap by Tap – FREE Water & Energy Savings Kits

The City of Duncan is offering free Water and Energy Savings kits to City residents. The kits include a shower head, two faucet aerators, thread seal tap and instructions. These easy to install fixtures will help residents to conserve water, decrease energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by heating water. There are a limited number of kits available. Residents must bring in an old showerhead to receive a kit, and must fill out an application form and provide proof of residence.

The Tap by Tap program is offered as a result of the Community Energy and Emissions Plan, adopted by Council in October 2015. Program support is provided by City Green Solutions, a non-profit organization specializing in energy efficiency.

Toilet Rebate Program

Save water with the Low Flush Toilet Rebate Program! Many homes are equipped with older toilets that require 13 or more litres per flush. New high efficiency toilets require only 4.8 litres per flush and dual flush toilets use a combination of 3 and 6 litres.

By replacing your old toilet, you could use up to one-third less water! That could save more than 200 litres per day or 70,000 litres per year.

The City is offering a lifetime maximum of two (2) rebates per residential or commercial unit. Replacing toilets using 13 litres or more, with a CSA-approved new high efficiency model, will earn you a rebate. The rebate is $50 for a high efficiency (4.8 litres) or dual flush model (3/6 litres). Applicants must provide a receipt dated after January 1, 2010 for the purchase of a CSA-approved low flush toilet, provide photographic proof of installation of a low flush or dual flush toilet and that the old toilet has been removed and destroyed.

Second Street Water, Sanitary, and Storm Main Upgrades

Upgrades will be made to the Second Street water, sanitary and storm main by installing approximately 325 lineal metres of water main, decommissioning the existing water main and replacing approximately 142 lineal metres of storm main, and approximately 305 lineal metres of sanitary main complete with approximately 28 sanitary services. The project is expected to start in July, 2016 and be completed by the end of September, 2016 with minimal disruption to residents and businesses.