The new Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 3204, 2019 and the amended Fees & Charge Bylaw No. 3205, 2019 were adopted by Council on December 16, 2019.

Account Number Change!

if your property is inside the City boundaries and has a water meter your account number is changing from 100 to 810 starting January 1, 2020.

Customers Inside the City Boundaries

The City will be implementing a new tri-annual metered billing rate effective January 1, 2020. The first water bill for customers inside the City boundaries will be issued mid-May 2020.

Following public consultation in September & October 2019, the City revised the originally proposed rate and rate design.

2020 Tri-Annual Metered Water Rates















What Are the Changes?

  • Tri-Annual billing to encourage conservation

By increasing the billing frequency from two to three bills, you will now be able to track how much water you are using. This should help reduce water consumption and therefore your bill.

  • Meter Service Charge

This charge collects the costs to maintain, replace and read the meters.  If you have a small meter/service size you pay less than a customer with a large meter/service size.

83% of customers have a small 19 mm meter, which will cost $19.84/four months, plus consumption.

  • Water Consumption Charge

The Water Consumption Charge of $0.751 per cubic metre replaces the previous tiered rates. This provides an opportunity to reduce your bill if you use less water. The Water Consumption Charge was originally proposed to be $0.815; however, after consultation the City reduced it to $0.751 per cubic metre.

60% of customers can expect their water bill to go down if they maintain their current consumption.

  • Large Multiple Dwelling Charge

A per unit charge, similar to the 19 mm meter charge, for large residential buildings with 10 or more units was added. This impact about 3% of customers.

Reduce your water use, reduce your bill.

Are You Affected by the Changes?

Inside the City boundaries

  • Metered billing will start on January 1, 2020
  • Your first bill will be issued mid-May 2020
  • The rates in the ‘Metered Water Rates Inside City Boundaries’ will affect your bill starting January 1, 2020

You are inside the City boundaries if:

  • You pay your property taxes to the City of Duncan
  • Your current utilities account number starts with 100, 610 or 810
  • Your property is located inside this map

Outside the City boundaries

  • Metered billing will start in 2021
  • The rates set out in the ‘Metered Water Rates Inside City Boundaries’ will not affect you. The rates will be determined at a later date.
  • If you are currently billed on metered water the rates in the ‘Metered Water Rates Outside City Boundaries’ apply to you

What’s Staying the Same?

Customers who do not have a meter at this time will remain on the existing flat rates and will continue to be billed twice a year – in mid-January & mid-July 2020.

Customers Outside the City Boundaries

The next phase of the meter program is to move all customers outside the City boundaries who are currently on flat or metered water rate to the same metered water rate design and billing frequency as inside the City boundaries in 2021.

2020 Semi-Annual Metered Water Rates



Those properties that were on metered water and metered sewer in 2019 will remain on metered sewer in 2020; however, the billing will be tri-annual instead of semi-annual.

Properties moving from flat to metered rates in 2020 will continue to have their sewer charges included as part of the property tax bill.

For customers outside the City boundaries there are no changes to the application of sewer rates.


January 1st, 2020 – New metered rate starting for customers inside the City boundaries

2021 –  New metered rate starting for customers outside the City boundaries. These rates will be available prior to conversion.

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Benefits of the Water Meter Program

  • Replacement of old technology
  • Participation in water conservation practices aimed at increased water efficiency
  • Less water waste comes with awareness and measured use
  • Pay for what you use
  • Detect leaks faster – helps save water and reduce your bill

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