Help Keep Curbside Recycling Contaminant Free

Thank you to the residents who are placing only accepted recyclable items in curbside collection, it really makes a difference! Please continue to help us achieve our community’s target of zero-waste by ensuring that only accepted recyclable items are placed for pick-up in approved bags or containers.

Non-recyclable items, such as plastic bags, are too often mixed into curbside recycling. Please see the  Recyclables, Refuse, Organic, Yard Waste & Glass Collection Schedule  for a list of accepted items.

Three reasons to ensure only accepted items are placed in your recycling bag/container:

Avoid paying more – What we throw away is being closely monitored, and cities that don’t sort waste properly will pay large fines and higher fees. These costs would be passed on to taxpayers.

Ensure your recycling gets picked up – Service may be suspended for households that continue to sort their recyclable items incorrectly after repeated warnings and education.

Keep the Earth healthy for our kids – Contaminated recycling ends up in the garbage. Landfills take up valuable space and harm the environment by releasing greenhouse gases (methane) into the air and toxins into the ground.

To reduce contaminants in recycling, the City will be inspecting collection bags/containers and tracking non-recyclable items. Recycling in sealed or non-see-through bags cannot be inspected and will not be collected. Yellow recycling bags and stickers are available, free of charge, at City Hall (200 Craig Street) or the Public Works Yard (1091 Marchmont Road).

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Public Works at 250-746-5321.