Delegation Requests

All delegations requesting permission to appear before Council or Committee of the Whole must submit a written request to address the members of Council, including a written brief outlining the intended presentation and your specific request to be considered by Council.

The provision of a written brief prior to the meetings enables staff to provide Council with a copy in order to obtain any necessary background information to properly consider the presentation.  Please refer to the procedures listed on the Delegation Application Form for more specific details.

Once approved as a delegation, a copy of  your presentation and supporting materials must be submitted three (3) working days prior to the date on which the meeting will be held in order to be placed on the Council Agenda.

All delegations will be afforded ten (10) minutes to make their presentation and will be restricted to the topic as indicated on their written submission. Delegation procedures will be followed for each presentation.

Note:   Delegations will be restricted from speaking on a matter that is the subject of a Public Hearing.

Audio-Visual Presentations

  • Meeting rooms are equipped with a laptop for projecting images onto a screen. The laptop is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Media Player, as well as VLS Media player.
  • Digital form of the presentation must be received when the request is submitted to allow staff to ensure the presentation will work on the City’s equipment.

Please note: Appearing as a delegation is one option available to members of the public, but those who’d rather not appear before an open meeting of Council are welcome to write to:

Mayor and Council
200 Craig Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1W3

All written and email correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council become public documents once received by the City.

Print, complete your form, and

  • deliver to: Corporate Services, City Hall, 200 Craig Street (corner of Craig and Kenneth), or
  • mail to: Corporate Services, City Hall, 200 Craig Street, Duncan, BC V9L 1W3, or
  • fax to:  250.746-6129.

Your request to address Council must be received by the Corporate Services Department before 11:00 a.m. on the Wednesday before the scheduled meeting.