The City of Duncan has adopted a model for parking management in and around the downtown core that increases the range of options for all-day parking, while freeing up valuable downtown curbside parking for customers.

The goal of the City of Duncan is to be 100% customer friendly by ensuring that prime parking spots are reserved for customers shopping in the downtown core.

In order to give customers priority to the curbside stalls, the City has implemented some new measures that increase options for all-day parking. These include:

  • Increasing the ‘two-dollar-a-day’ parking supply;
  • Allowing ‘in-and-out’ privileges for ‘two-dollar-a-day’ parking spots;
  • Creating more ‘free-all-day’ parking spots within a four-block radius; and
  • Issuing monthly parking passes at reduced rates.

Customer Friendly Parking

Customers are people who are coming in to the core for reasons of commerce and business – whether they are shopping, attending a meeting or appointment, or dining with friends. Customer friendly parking spaces are free.

If you have questions about a ticket you have received, please contact City Hall at 250-746-6126 to be connected with a member of our Bylaw Services team. Alternately, you may fill out a Bylaw Notice Dispute form and submit to or in hardcopy to City Hall, 200 Craig Street, Duncan, BC V9L 1W3.

Two and Three Hour Free Parking

The two and three hour free parking spaces provide another option for customers who want to easily and predictably find a convenient, free parking space.  The City has two parking lots on Kenneth Street and one on Canada Ave designated as three hour free parking, and many on-street two and three hour free parking spaces.

$2 All-Day Parking/Monthly Pass 

$2 all-day spaces are conveniently located within a block or two of the downtown core.  All-day parkers have ‘in-and-out’ privileges, meaning you can come and go from these $2 spaces, without having to pay again. The City has one designated parking lot as well as some on-street spaces for $2 all-day parking. Monthly parking passes are available from City Hall. The monthly rate is $30 ($84 for three months, $156 for six months, $288 for a year).

Monthly Passes Only

Monthly parking pass holders are able to park in the Canada Avenue parking lot.  Monthly parking passes are available from City Hall. The monthly rate is $30 ($84 for three months, $156 for six months, $288 for a year).

Disabled Employee Parking Exemption Permit

The Disabled Employee Parking Exemption Permit is available to persons with a valid Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) of British Columbia Parking Permit for People with Disabilities. Upon approval of the application, and payment of the $30/month fee, employees may park for up to 8 hours a day in any time regulated two or three hour space within Duncan.

Please follow this link for an application form.

P – City Parking Lots

The City has four parking lots. One parking lot for $2 all-day parking and monthly parking passes, and three parking lots for three hour free parking (as coloured on the map above).

No Re-Parking Zone

The dark grayed area of the map with little +, is the No Re-Parking Zone for the downtown core.  The purpose of the No Re-Parking zone is to discourage all-day parkers from re-parking in free customer parking stalls. Vehicles found reusing customer-friendly stalls for longer than the posted time or re-parking in the zone will initially receive a warning.  Subsequently repeat offenders will be issued a $25 ticket (it is possible to pay parking tickets online) and thereafter the fines will be increased.  Parking enforcement efforts are focused on deterring business owners, employees, students, and residents from using two- and three-hour customer parking spaces, even for short periods.

Pay Parking Lot (City monthly pass not accepted)

There is a pay parking lot at the lower end of the map, off Government Street (also known as the ‘mound’) that is available for customers.  This is not a City owned lot and therefore the City monthly pass is not accepted in this lot.

Streets and Parking Regulation Bylaw

Pay for Parking Ticket

Tour Bus Parking

Tour bus parking is available on the road, near 344 Duncan Street.

Access is best:

  • Turn off the Trans-Canada Highway on to Trunk Road (towards downtown)
  • Turn Right on to Duncan Street
  • Tour bus parking is on the right

For more information, contact City Hall at 250-746-6126 or