The City of Duncan has adopted a model for parking management in and around the downtown core that increases the range of options for all-day parking, while freeing up valuable downtown curbside parking for customers.

The goal of the City of Duncan is to be 100% customer friendly by ensuring that prime parking spots are reserved for customers shopping in the downtown core.

In order to give customers priority to the curbside stalls, the City has implemented some new measures that increase options for all-day parking. These include:

  • Increasing the ‘two-dollar-a-day’ parking supply;
  • Allowing ‘in-and-out’ privileges for ‘two-dollar-a-day’ parking spots;
  • Creating more ‘free-all-day’ parking spots within a four-block radius; and
  • Issuing monthly parking passes at reduced rates.

Parking Passes and Enforcement

Parking Passes are available from City Hall. The monthly rate is $30 ($84 for three months, $156 for six months, $288 for a year). Use your parking pass in any $2-a-day parking spot or parking lot.

Vehicles found using customer-friendly stalls for longer than the posted time will initially receive a warning, and subsequently will be issued a $25 ticket (it is possible to pay parking tickets online). Parking enforcement efforts are focused on deterring business owners, employees, students, and residents from using three-hour customer parking spaces, even for short periods.

The Parking Plan

Other changes as a result of this new parking management plan include special parking areas for loading to assist businesses with deliveries, shorter parking spots for small fuel-efficient cars, motorcycles and scooters, a parking map to be distributed by downtown businesses, new signage to direct all-day parkers to the all-day spots and a scaled-down system of enforcement that will focus on the all-day parkers who use the customer parking spots.

Streets and Parking Regulation Bylaw

Pay for Parking Ticket

For more information, contact City Hall at 250-746-6126 or