Duncan and North Cowichan to Hold Amalgamation Referendum Spring 2018

Duncan City Council and the Municipality of North Cowichan Council have agreed to hold the referendum on amalgamation in the spring of 2018. Subject to the approval of the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing, both municipalities will choose a date to hold the referendum in the spring next year.

Earlier this year, the Duncan-North Cowichan Citizens’ Assembly on Municipal Amalgamation recommended the amalgamation of Duncan and North Cowichan. Their report is available at www.dnc-cama.ca

A Duncan-North Cowichan Working Group, consisting of two Councillors from each municipality, will work with an external consultant to provide unbiased information, covering both the pros and cons of amalgamation, to the public prior to the vote taking place. “I am pleased the communication plan will be providing unbiased information prior to the residents of both municipalities voting on amalgamation, enabling them to be fully informed and make their own determination,” said Phil Kent, Mayor of Duncan.

Amalgamation would require the approval of the provincial government and residents of both municipalities by public referendum. “It’s encouraging to see both Councils move forward with a spring referendum,” says Jon Lefebure, Mayor of North Cowichan. “With such a big decision on the table, we hope to see a large turnout of voters coming out to have their say on the future of the community.”

More information about the timing of the referendum will be distributed as it becomes available.

Questions? Contact City Hall at 250-746-6126.