Winter Safety Reminders & Tips!

Winter is officially upon us so we would like to share some winter safety reminders and tips!

During snow and ice conditions, the City of Duncan works extra hard to maintain a safe City for all residents and visitors.  Winter storms can create personal safety issues if you are not prepared.

Snow Removal – City of Duncan’s Responsibility

Municipal roadways are cleared on a priority basis, with main arterial roads first and then branching to side roads.  During periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions please have patience as maintenance crews work to get to your area as quickly as possible.

Snow Removal – Residents and Business/Occupants Property Owners

The City’s Good Neighbour Bylaw, (Part 8/Page 8) references that every owner and/or occupier of a property must remove snow or ice from the full width of any sidewalk abutting the property by 10:00 a.m. each morning. Shoveled snow and ice must be placed on your property, not on the street.  It also notes that every owner or occupier of a property must remove snow from all roofs, gutters, awnings canopies, or any other part of a structure where it is hazardous to the use of a sidewalk. This is a continuing obligation. Snow and ice must be re-cleared as it re-accumulates.

Clearing your sidewalk is important to ensure pedestrians can safely get to their destination – in particular, people with limited mobility such as the elderly and disabled, those who use motorized scooters, or parents with strollers. A fine of $100 may be issued to those who do not comply with the bylaw.

Please Be a Good Neighbour!

Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks is a difficult task for people who are elderly or have disabilities. Consider clearing a neighbour’s sidewalks when you do your own. Shoveling snow is great exercise, and you’ll be doing your part to make your community a safer place.  Thank you!

Your Safety

1)     Bring out those hands!

Think twice before walking outside with your hand in your pockets. Keeping your hands in your pockets increases the risk of you falling or completely losing your balance in case you slip while walking on ice or snow. Put on some gloves to keep your hands warm.  Walk like a penguin!

2)     Watch your step!

Footwear will track snow and ice into buildings. Ensure you are using the floor mats to remove the snow off of your footwear to prevent water puddles on the floor. Ensure footwear is suitable for the winter conditions.

3)     You are not S/HeeMan!

We love to load our arms up with purses, computers, lunches, groceries, etc. to decrease the amount of trips we have to take from our vehicle to the indoors to lessen our exposure to the cold.  What we don’t think about is the risk we are putting ourselves in for slipping and falling. When getting out of your vehicle check the ground conditions prior to stepping out, then plant your foot solid on the ground and hang on to the door/handle while stepping out to stabilize yourself in case the surface is slippery or uneven. Once you are safely out of your vehicle you can grab your belongings; however it is a safe practice to keep one hand free to stabilize yourself in the case of a slip.


5)     SLOOOW Down!

Allow yourself more travel time! Increase your following distance behind vehicles. Steer smoothly and avoid sudden acceleration and braking – jerky movements increase your chance of skidding. Bridges and overpasses will freeze first so use caution. Ensure your tires are suitable for the winter driving conditions.