New Automatic Payment Plan for Utilities

The City of Duncan is pleased to announce the start of an Automatic Payment Plan for utility customers who live inside the City of Duncan boundaries. Customers inside the City that have water/sewer accounts that start with 100, 610 or 810 may sign up now.

The City is phasing in this new program and expects it to be available to customers outside of the City boundaries in 2021.

The Automatic Payment Plan for Utilities is an optional payment plan where the entire amount of the utility bill is withdrawn from your bank account on the bill due date. The Automatic Payment Plan is for the utility bill you receive from the City of Duncan which includes water charges and for some properties, water and sewer charges.

The payment plan dates for customers INSIDE THE CITY boundaries for 2020 is as follows:

Billing Period Bill Issue Date Due Date
(Payment Withdrawal Date)
January 1 – April 30 Mid-May June 30, 2020
May 1 – July 31 Mid-August September 30, 2020
August 1 – December 31 Mid-January February 26, 2021

To apply, please complete the Automatic Payment Plan (Utilities) application form and return it to City Hall via email ( or to the drop box at City Hall, 200 Craig Street, Duncan.  Application must be received at least 14 days before the due date to register in the plan for the next withdrawal.

Questions?  Please contact City Hall at: 250-746-6126 or email